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This Review is a little different as it is my first venture into CBD and I have no comparison, which is why I find it difficult to review, simply because it worked “right out of the box” first time.
I have been taking Completely Naturoil for Vaping, as I refrain from taking tablets, unless directed by my Doctor and I enjoy my Vaping and also understand that it is a much quicker way of getting the effects of CBD into the system, which for this Review, was important.

1 Week in

I took the time to give Naturoil a proper week Review, since this is my first time using CBD or any plant based type product ( I tried a joint one time when I was 16ish).
The “benefits” of CBD are widely thrown about on Twitter and other Social Networks, that I was skeptical to say the least!

Pain Management

I am 53 and raced motorcycles in my youth and now the body is telling me that I now have to suffer for my youthful exuberance.
I have these numbing pains in my joints, namely my arms and worse and the elbows, which gets so painful that I squirm while watching TV, looking for the best position to relax.
When I started taking CBD, I completely forgot to squirm on the sofa, as I didn’t feel pain and as I was immersed in the movie, I never noticed that I was pretty much Pain Free and only afterwards, did I realize this, as I started filling my Vape Pen with more Juice.

Sleep Patterns

I am also BiPolar and take medication to help me relax in the evenings and one of the side effects of the medication I take is night sweats and intense nightmares.
The first night using CBD, I fell asleep as normal and woke up fresh and ready for the day, not realizing that I was dry as a bone and relaxed, knowing I didn’t have my usual nightmares.
I then started paying attention to my sleeps and the CBD did in fact relive my night sweats and nightmares completely, while still taking my usual BiPolar meds.

Anxiety and Brain Fog

This was a hard one to pin down as I have my BiPolar meds for anxiety and I was to chicken to miss a few tablets, in favor of CBD, as I know the consequences of slipping into deep depression is too horrific to test out.
I also combine Brain Fog into this description, because my meds put me into a state of fogginess, that I didn’t realize was so inground that when I started taking Naturoil CBD, cleared my thought patterns and my brain started treating my body like a 30 year old and had me running around cleaning the house, preparing time consuming meals and giving my cat, extra pats.
The downside to feeling youthful, was that my body, even though washed in pain relief, was still that of a 50 year old man, but some exercise and healthier eating can take care of a lot of the age related oldish body I current have.


I have never tried CBD or anything similar, so I dont know if my body took to CBD because its never tried it.
I also took time to try Completely Naturoil CBD properly, so to avoid any Placebo Effect that I may have.
I have read that some CBD is better from this or that company and also worse from this or that company and this is where I am confused as I am not lucky by nature and I feel that I have tried one of the better CBD oils.

Then again, Completely Naturoil did reach out and send me samples and for me, that means they stand behind their product.
I am not paid for this review and I was sent the products for free, as I expressed some interest in trying CBD.
I dont know if this is the BEST CBD on the market, as I have nothing to compare it with, but I do stand behind the product as it did clear most of my Joint Pain, helped me sleep much better and cleared my brain fog that I didn’t know was really there.

I can honestly say that I dont think my life will ever be without CBD oil as I need it for what it has given me.
I will come back to Completely Naturoil review a few months from now and update it, as a week may not be enough, even though I did notice a difference, one minute into having my first Vape of it.
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