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Starting up a Vape Business can be very expensive, as you have to have a place to store products that you purchase at wholesale prices and then you need to purchase a website hosting package and build a website if you are able, or employ someone to build it for you.
Then after you have sorted all of that out, you need to get a merchant account and then, you are set to begin selling online.

Why Online?
This is a new world and most people will try and find a good Vape Seller with decent prices that they can buy from online on a regular basis.

So instead of risking a lot of Money on a Vape Shop, that may or may not be a success, you can test the waters by finding a Dropship service, that lets you place orders and send Vape Products to your customers, so you dont have hold stock or even worry about shipping!

One particular Dropship company is XTRADER and you can earn up to 60% on the sale of a Product, which is nearly the same as buying Product at Wholesale and selling at profit.

XTRADER is an adult orientated shop, but at the bottom of their website, you can find Vape Products that are available for sale.

All you need to do is register with XTRADER and then download their images and text (original text is better) and then upload them to VapeSucks website and set your Price, Country of Shipping and Shipping fee and you are ready to make HUGE profits when you start making sales.

To Register as a Vendore on VapeSucks:
To Register for Dropshipping:
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