Excellent Donut Dude Lemon - Donut Dude E Liquid



Donut Dude Lemon is a desert type juice that smells and tastes like a donut and if you are into flavors and setup your mod for flavor, you will get that "twang" of lemon flavor hovering over the donut

Its an easy juice to Vape and personally one of my favorites

It can be purchased here https://breazy.com/products/donut-dude-lemon-donut-dude

Donut Dude Lemon - Donut Dude E Liquid

A ring of donut batter, fried until golden brown and covered in a sticky sweet lemon infused sugar glaze to give in a slight crunchiness. Donut Dude Lemon by Donut Dude E Liquid takes this sensational pastry to new heights by dipping in it melted, mega creamy vanilla ice cream. A sweet bite with layers of complex, multidimensional flavors. Savory, sweet and rich, there isn't much more anyone could ask for!

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