LIQUA Cool Green Mango NIC Salts – Taste Explosion
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As a Dessert Fan and not really into Menthol, the LIQUA Cool Green Mango was certainly everything that I would avoid in a Juice.

The smell is extremely fresh and pleasant, which took the edge of my reluctance to try it and I proceeded to fill my POD and my usual Mod with the juice.

The Juice itself is very clear, which I prefer as I feel it is cleaner than the yellow tinted juice.

First drag was nothing special and I thought that I had put the wrong juice in.

Then, it came and it was...

Reviews 12 Monkeys Congo Cream - Supplied by Vapor Store Sweden

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Today we sample 12 Monkeys Congo Cream that was supplied to us for review by Vapor Store - Sweden

A take on the popular Strawberry Custard. This is a sweet creamy custard base that utilizes two types of vanilla to elevate the flavour and sweet succulent strawberries as a pleasant back note to complement the many other...